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In 1984, Rancho San Julian first opened its doors to Hollywood and Madison Avenue as a filming location for production companies and advertising agencies.

The sweeping panorama and majestic views provide a glorious backdrop for films, commercials, print ads, catalogues and web sites, prompting high-profile national clients to visit the ranch again and again.

In 1994, director Andrew Davis (The Fugitive, Holes, Collateral Damage) shot scenes for his independent film Steal Big, Steal Little at Rancho San Julian. Andy Garcia starred as Ruben and Robert, twin brothers feuding over inherited ranch land in the Santa Barbara area. Davis needed a location that conveyed a sense of history, a working family ranch that had preserved the majestic beauty of coastal California. Rancho San Julian was that place. "Steeped in history, beautiful to the eye and spirit, represented by wonderful people...  I wish I could shoot everything on this lovely ranch."

From features to television to print, Rancho San Julian has every kind of setting to meet your location shooting needs. Please browse our photo section to see for yourself.

If you're interested in using Rancho San Julian as a location for your next project, please contact us at...

(805) 570-7753 or via request form  

Some of our recent clients:


Lands End



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